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Langda Mango - A Taste of Tradition and Rich Flavor!

Box Weight:              Approx 3 kg 
Number of Pieces:   
Approx  9-12

About the Product:

  1. Traditional Excellence: Fresh Langda Mango embodies tradition with its exceptional taste and cultural significance.
  2. Distinct Appearance: Recognized by its unique elongated shape, Langda Mango features a greenish-yellow skin with a sweet, juicy, and fibreless bright yellow pulp.
  3. Cultural Heritage: This mango variety is a proud representation of regional agriculture, bringing the richness of tradition to your taste buds.

Direct from Local Orchards:

  1. Premium Sourcing: We select the finest Langda Mangoes directly from local orchards, ensuring you get the true essence of this regional delight.
  2. Seasonal Indulgence: Enjoy the Langda Mango during its seasonal peak, savoring the authentic flavors and aroma that make it a favorite among mango enthusiasts.


  1. Digestive Wellness: Langda Mango is known to aid digestion, offering a delicious way to promote gut health.
  2. Rich in Nutrients: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it contributes to overall well-being and is a delightful addition to a balanced diet.

Storage and Uses:

  1. Natural Ripening: Store Langda Mangoes at room temperature to allow them to ripen naturally and achieve their optimal flavor.
  2. Versatile Enjoyment: Whether enjoyed as a whole, sliced, or incorporated into various culinary creations, Langda Mango adds a touch of tradition to your dining experience.

Delight in the rich flavor and cultural heritage of Fresh Langda Mango - a seasonal treasure that brings the authentic taste of tradition to your plate!

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