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RASALU Mango – Juiciest Mango from Adhra Pradesh

Box Weight:              Approx 3 kg 
Number of Pieces:    
Approx  7-12

"Discover the excellence of our Premium Rasalu Mangoes! Grown in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, these handpicked mangoes boast a unique sweetness and rich taste. With a mesmerizing maize-yellow hue, full of juiciness, and captivating aroma, each bite transports you to lush orchards. It is sweeter than all other varieties available in the market from Andhra Pradesh!

Must Try Variety for all Mango Fans!

🌿 Nutrient-Packed Superfood: Loaded with 20+ vitamins and minerals, Mangoes are a health-conscious superfood. Benefit from Vitamin C and A, high fiber for digestion, and essential minerals like iron, folate, and magnesium.

🌡️ Versatile Storage and Uses: Convenient room temperature storage ensures freshness. Enjoy as a standalone snack, blend into juices, or elevate desserts and salads with their exquisite flavor.

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